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  • Jason Hesley

Blåådpalt to relase "Caedite Eos" on June 1st!

Finnish Oulu-based Death Meal band Blåådpalt is set to release their new EP Caedite Eos on June 1st 2023 via Inverse Records.

Track list:

01. Martyrdom 101

02. Existence is Suffering

03. 5250

04. The Plague Does Not Discriminate

05. Caedite Eos

06. Impurity In Its Finest Form


Blåådpalt is a metal band from Oulu, Finland. The band was formed in 2017. Blåådpalt released their first promotional EP Demo(n) in December 2018. The debut album “Sliced to perfection” was released in 2020 by Inverse Records. Blåådpalt continues their co-operation with Inverse Records by releasing an EP “Caedite Eos” in 2023.

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