• Jason Hesley

BEYOND THE STYX: French metallic hardcore juggernauts premiere video for “Overload”

Tours-based Beyond the Styx debuts music video for their newest single, “Overload,” via Decibel Magazine. The track serves as the 2nd preview number from the French metallic hardcore act’s upcoming 3rd record, Sentence, due out 04 February 2022 via WTF Records (CD and vinyl) and Diorama Records (cassette). The album will be distributed via Season Of Mist.

Speaking of “Overload,” BTSTYX vocalist Emile Duputié illustrates:

“This new song is a kind of testament to my experience with confinement. Namely, the ordeal represented by this period of incarceration where almost everything was forbidden to us except to work. Ubiquitous fear of the virus, asphyxiated by media pressure, oppressed by work, diminished by isolation, and confused by the absence of space-time. Fortunately, we were still allowed to think between 2 conservative and conspiratorial salvos.

“They have tried to delude us with a new world capable of learning from its past mistakes, blah, blah, blah... Business is business. Economic growth always needs more economic growth. The system is just trying to save what it feels is most right to save, which is itself. Not the planet, not living beings, not even the harmony of peoples. Just the capitalist, individualistic, self-destructive system.

“Work, Consume, Shut up! That’s all I take away from my last few “non-essential” years. Overload!”

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