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  • Jason Hesley


‘Oppressors walk among us masquerading behind the beauty, power, and influence. ’

Malaysian Melodic Metalcore band, Beyond The Misguided returns with their second single, Paksi Tiga. The single also marks their first Bahasa Melayu(Malaysia national language) release, Paksi Tiga will serve as a teaser for their yet untitled EP, slated for release by the end of the year.

Paksi Tiga (literally means Three Axis) deals with the reality of oppression we face in today’s landscape. Those with power, influence, and looks reign supreme and seek to victimize people while portraying themselves as the good guys.

Paksi Tiga is written by Beyond The Misguided, in the form of mid-tempo and crushing Melodic Metalcore style. Listeners will be treated to an interplay of backbreaking chugs and melodic riffs alongside screaming and clean vocals, face-punching bass, precise drumming, and rounded up with symphonic keyboards. The lyrics are written by Matafikir.

This budding Melodic Metalcore unit was assembled during the dark days of COVID-19 in 2021. The band members came from different states of Peninsular Malaysia and quickly found chemistry in working together. Each member of the band brought in their musical influences, including but not limited to Groove Metal, Technical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, and Hardcore Punk which later transformed into Melodic Metalcore.

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