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  • Jason Hesley

BELUSHI SPEED BALL Unveil "Pizza Thrasher" Action Figures!

Enigmatic rockers BELUSHI SPEED BALL are have revealed a new line of "Pizza Thrasher" action figures to spice up your living space! Based on characters from their "The Spenelli's Slam" animated video, the cheese and sauce drenched slices are now available to order HERE.

"Simon Ampel's (High on Fire: The Black Plot) animation comes to life! We wanted to forever immortalize the infamous characters from "The Spinelli's Slam" music video by creating one of a kind action figures. The first in the toy line is the "Pizza Thrasher"! Be on the lookout for the entire collection. Future figures will include the pizza warmer, the Spinelli's downtown playset, and legendary Spinelli's Promoters: Alex and Ryan (Gates to Hell, LDB Fest). Fueled by 90s nostalgia, these limited edition items are the perfect addition to the already insane BELUSHI SPEED BALL merch store. Which already includes: Safari flapped fedoras, N64 albums, Fingerboards, and 8-tracks. You need this!"

-Vinny, Belushi Speed Ball


Spinelli's Pizzeria downtown was a legendary hardcore venue in Louisville, KY. It was one of the few all age venues in Louisville. Anyone that attended a show there can tell you, there was no experience like it. Kids crowd diving off the soda fountain, kicking out the ceiling tiles, and all other insane debauchery were common place at Spinelli's. Shows were promoted and booked by Ryan Storey and Alex Rhema. They gave a home to a lot of bands, that would otherwise have nowhere else to play, and are legends in the Louisville Music Scene. Unfortunately the Spinelli's downtown location had to close as a victim of the pandemic. Ryan Storey continued on performing leading vocals for, "Gates to Hell". In addition Ryan and Alex continue to run the highly successful "LDB fest". BELUSHI SPEED BALL captured (to the best of their ability) the legendary shows in their music video "The Spinelli's Slam" animated by Simon Ampel and live footage directed by Beau Kaelin.

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