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  • Jason Hesley

Belgian melodic metal band “FAR BEYOND” presents the videoclip of their track "Alternate"

“Alternate” presents the concept of the album in just one song. There is a bit of a double meaning. The first being: Thinking you're stuck and yet there is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is always room to reverse your own mindset even though you think it isn't possible. The second reason is also about the band's dream to hit awesome stages and make it happen in the music industry. The way towards it and never letting that dream go no matter what!


The members of Far Beyond began bashing out heavy metal chords when they were in their teens, carving an energetic sound with catchy driving guitar riffs and alternative melodic parts. Combine that with a powerful yet sometimes jazzy drumbeat and high octane ferocious vocals, and this group of friends will soon establish themselves in a well deserved high level metal landscape.

Far Beyond is a 5 piece group formed in Ghent, Belgium in 2022. As life progressed the members moved all over Belgium. But the connection remained. Over the course of an unbelievable first year in the studio the band is ready to release a very first album called ‘The moment of Creation’. This will hit online platforms and streaming services on September 1th 2023!

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