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  • Jason Hesley

Belgian heavymetallers SHOCKER premiere "Injecting The Parasite” video!

The birth of Shocker is dated somewhere in 2018 but the idea was spinning trough theminds of Sammy and Koen for a long time but the idea got postponed due otherchallenges/obligations they all run into in their daily lives.

With everyone having a different musical background SHOCKER try to find similar ground and that is where the magic happens and the Shocker sound is taking form.

Mixing genres/styles without being stuck to the boundaries that comes within the genre is one of the things they like to do and the possibilities seemsendless so they still have wide path to walkupon.

Shocker was lucky as hell when they could hit the studio in between coronawaves

and record the first EP @ closed sessions recording studio with Kristof Maes turning the knobs.

The EP was released in March 2021 and got a lot of promising reviews.

New songs that seem to be heavier and darker where forged by that fire.

Proudly SHOCKER can announce that a full album is done and will be released in 2023.

The album was recorded and mixed @shellshock studios by Pieter Nyckees and mastered by Frederik Dejongh @Jerboa mastering.

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