• Jason Hesley

Behind The Horror release the drum cam video for "Wrath"

The two brothers, brothers Gabriel (guitar) and Lucas (drums) Alves, have been on the road as Behind The Horror for a long time and we too had the honor of presenting this up-and-coming formation of metal from New Jersey in the United States several times. In fact, their mix of styles between progressive and thrash metal has so much potential and has always been able to convince us. Now drummer Lucas Alves gets in touch and gives an insight with his new drumcam video for 'Wrath' from their first EP " ...And The Horror Begins ". What is fascinating is that all of the material is on an Alesis Strike Proplays. In the past, some metalheads like to turn up their noses at electronic drum kits. But here Lucas Alves plays a kit that you don't notice the synthesis that is triggered by the so-called pads and at the same time proves that even metal drummers can go crazy with an e-drum! Lucas Alves shows his skills in this video and plays the drums with aplomb to a song in which Behind The Horror comes out as a serious competitor of Metallica . The band stands for uncompromising Thrash Metal and you can hear this again in this song, which is once again a testimony to the fact that Behind The Horror live the Thrash Metal.

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