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  • Jason Hesley

BAT MAGIC To Release Vinyl Edition of Feast of Blood!

Following an international cassette release, BAT MAGIC's Feast of Blood is finally slated to be released on vinyl by American label and merch dealer Labyrinth Tower.

Following an antihero into the grips of vampirism and dark magicks, BAT MAGIC's 2021 debut took the latter half of black metal's tag and concentrated heavily on the genre's metallic roots. A riff-heavy affair with nods to the greats and lesser known artists alike, Feast of Blood's bloodthirsty attack is an overwhelming affair of black metal, heavy metal, and many other styles thrown into a ferocious meat grinder, garnering praise from Stereogum, Decibel Magazine, No Clean Singing, and many other forward-thinking metal publications.

This limited pressing will be available exclusively from Labyrinth Tower and Ordo Vampyr Orientis on sanguine vinyl with a screen printed B-side, with preorders opening on July 22nd at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST.

The vinyl edition will be available at:

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