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  • Jason Hesley

Backbone presents "Ominous"

Argentinian extreme metal band, Backbone, hailing from Resistencia, Chaco, is proud to present their first full-length album, "Ominous." This release is available on all digital platforms, marking a significant milestone in the band's career.

"Ominous" explores a darker, more mysterious, and hostile theme compared to their initial EP, "R'lyeh." With eight original compositions, including an instrumental track, the album spans various facets of extreme metal, primarily focusing on death metal with groovy, progressive, and melodic nuances.

The album's title, "Ominous," is chosen precisely to convey the essence of the work. The word, in its concept, evokes something abhorrent, detestable, or ominous, and in a more introspective approach, it delves into the darkness within each individual. The album seeks to describe internal filth, terrifying thoughts, and unknown deeds that flourish, creating a negative burden that becomes horrifying for those who experience it.

The harmonic features and lyrics of the album create contexts loaded with coldness, tension, horror, anxiety, and mystery, while strongly criticizing the hypocrisies of everyday life, human pain, and the problematic nature of spiritual faith.

Formed in 2014, Backbone merges elements of extreme and progressive metal, incorporating ambient and industrial resources to create a disruptive and provocative musical style. "Ominous" immerses your ears in nihilism, exploring the horror of humanity's internal and unknown world, as well as the hostility of the external world.

With "Ominous," Backbone showcases its artistic maturity and the ability to challenge musical expectations, delivering a unique sonic experience that captivates and disturbs. This release marks an exciting chapter in the band's evolution and promises to leave a lasting impression on the extreme metal scene.

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