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BÜRNER: Swedish hard rockers to release new album "Baptized in Gasoline" in September!

Swedish hard rock powerhouse BÜRNER will release the new album "Baptized in Gasoline" on 30th September 2020 via Time To Kill Records.

BÜRNER call their music gasoline-fuelled rock with no brakes and with this expression they hit the nail. The three guys from Sweden don’t play stale guitar rock, but groove into R’n’R paradise. Motörhead, AC/DC, Saxon? Admittedly very big names. But you just can’t avoid mentioning those bands while describing BÜRNER. Their music sounds like a spontaneous casual jam, bursting with energy. Their sound is loud and heavy, vibrant and always catchy.

"Baptized in Gasoline" tracklist:

01. Hey Hey

02. Hammerdown

03. Kill You Til You’re Dead

04. Run Like Hell

05. Gasoline

06. Slaughter

07. The Burner

08. Don’t Fake The Ache

09. Murder

10. Million Reasons To Cry

Extra tracks (only on CD):

11. Rock’n’roll

12. On the Shitlist

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