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  • Jason Hesley

Bödel to release "Bilan Faller" on June 14th via DiSTAT Records!

F-A-S-T-E-R is the best word that comes to mind to describe the Swedish punk hardcore band Bödel career up to this point. When the drummer Masken (from ex Antabus, Sub Alert) in late 2023 heard the punk band Chörnobyl where the singer Leya has done some vocal parts, he immediately contacted Leya and her father Arvid (from The Crown, Deny, Mähälium) if they would be interested to start a band together. With no intentions of reinventing the wheel, to play d-beat-driven hardcore and punk, the way it has always been done. Sure thing, Henke from Pastoratet and Liptones was involved on bass, and the first rehearsal went down in February 2024, three songs were made and the chemistry within the band was there right away. A snippet video from the rehearsal was recorded and put on their Facebook page - and boom! Promoters and labels worldwide contacted the band and wanted to sign them.

Bödel entered the studio a weekend in March 2024 to record ten songs for different releases. The first live show went down 31st of March at Skjulet in Gothenburg, Sweden. They finally signed a record deal with the US label Atrocious Disarray to release their first vinyl during autumn 2024, in cooperation with Sweden's punk label Distat. The record will also be released on an exclusive cassette co-released through Bruse Tapes, FightBack, and Mosslik.

And the future is to keep that raw uncompromising punk/hardcore going. Still don't want to reinvent the wheel but just spin it a little bit faster...

Distat is releasing the first digital single "Bilan Faller" on all streaming services worldwide on the 14th of June 2024.

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