• Jason Hesley

AZZIARD "Liber Secindus- Exégèse" now on LP !!

After the acclaimed « Libre Primus – Metempsychose », released in 2017, French Black Metal long runners AZZIARD launch their 4th album, and second one of their trilogy exploring the darkest aspects of human mind.

After exploring Europe with Marduk and playing in huge Dark Event, like the Tyrant Fest, they come back with another chapter of their introspection of the Human species.

The style remains a modern, uncompromising Black Metal, with a touch of DSBM, but gets further into some kinds of slowness and funeral aspects.

The band also explores a new sound aspect, by working with Etienne SARTHOU, a “new ear”, who finds an exceptional sound to sublime this record.

Humanity is still about to be dismissed by its own actions.

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