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AYR: US black metallers return to the Void with new album "The Dark"!

US black metallersAYRwill release their highly anticipated first full-length,"The Dark", on24th July 2020.

Today, the band premiere the new song"Where All Light Dies"atInvisible Oranges. Get mesmerizedHERE!

The Dark. Hardly a record takes such an unassuming yet fittingly title as the reappearance ofAYRthrough its first sign of life after eight lengthy years of slumber, after nothing was left to give.

"The Dark"is undeniably bursting with a profound darkness, a deep dive into the wicked and chthonic essence of the soul. From the evocative acoustic chords of"Origins in Descent"to the mammoth of heaviness and belligerence, an epic discharge where all light dies, the North Carolina duo sets the tone for a gargantuan ride into hidden regions of the self.

Thru Black Metal as the foundation for the group's recipe,AYRdoes not shy away from variation. Considering a torrent of audial traits, from full on ambient landscapes to mesmerizing melodies filled with anguish and melancholy, one is faced with a barrage of intensely grand riffing and tasteful rhythmic section, dynamic, vibrant, a superb accomplice to the anguished wailing that viscerally permeate throughout“The Dark”.

AYR's vision stands fixated Below, where the Void is worshipped, an essence which very much pervades all over the album's music, sound, visual and lyrical aesthetics.

Released throughWolves of Hadeson a limited Vinyl edition, withThe Hell Commandreleasing the CD and Cassette version, we welcomeAYR’s return with“The Dark”, the perfect soundtrack to a world swallowed by a thick impenetrable fog.

(Text by Mário Souto)

Album tracklist:

01. Origins in Descent

02. Where All Light Dies

03. Worship the Dark

04. Swallowed

05. Return to the Void

06. Sever the Golden Chain



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