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  • Jason Hesley

Awaken The Misogynist to release "Descended From Vast Dimensions" on September 9th!

“To me Awaken the Misogynist is an outlet to shed light on the atrociousness of man through talking about the uncomfortable things that we continue to ignore. We are the disease.”

- Jameson Blomgren

Lumbering from his stinking pit of consumerism and the glorification of ignorance, Mankind once more turns his attention to the mindless degradation and destruction of Mother Nature. With his latest technological wonder he brutalises her and dissects her; fuelled by his rapacious gluttony he poisons and torments her; blinded and senseless he burns her and laughs his idiot laugh as his own skin chars with hers. Another day of stupidity and cruelty passes, another day of staggering closer towards their mutual demise...

The savagery and foolishness of mankind distilled into one battering assault on the senses and delivered with the subtlety of a nose-breaking forearm smash and the black humour of a man on the steps of the gallows. With full length debut album Descended From Vast Dimensions, international slam collective Awaken The Misogynist hold up a mirror to humanity and demand we gaze upon our most repulsive imperfections. With lunatic levels of power, tracks like ‘The Cleansing Of Ignorance’ raze everything in earshot, like a demented cattle farmer torching swathes of the Amazon rainforest. Featuring all three songs from their 2020 debut EP Abuse Of Consumption (including the planet smashing title track!) along with a further nine haemorrhaging wounds of violence and disease, Descended From Vast Dimensions brings the pain with a combination of staggering velocity and gut-busting heaviness. Never has confronting the imminent demise of your world been so utterly exhilarating! Featuring members of Crepitation, Enigmatik, Slamentation, Facelift Deformation and Bodysnatch, Awaken The Misogynist have the experience to blast and destroy with absolute authority.

Now conscripted into the forces of Comatose Music, Awaken The Misogynist have the support and auxiliary firepower to forcibly submerge the world in the consequences of their wilful blindness and vomit inducing greed. Coming your way on September 9th, Descended From Vast Dimensions is the sickening slurry of slam that you deserve and the blunt force bludgeoning you’re going to get.

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