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  • Jason Hesley

Autarkh Expand on "Refocus"

Autarkh are known for hard-wiring extreme metal with glitchy electronica and IDM beats. But on the lead single from their new album, the Dutch band proved that they were human after all.

Where "Strife" found Autarkh locked in a battle with their inner demons, the new single off 'Emergent' reaches for inner peace.

""Refocus" is the fifth track on 'Emergent', says guitarist and lead vocalist Michel Nienhuis. "It revolves around the will to return to the serene state of mind that opens the album".

Watch the intense performance video for "Refocus" HERE, which was filmed, edited and animated by Spread Motion Design.

'Emergent comes out November 10. Pre-order the album HERE. Pre-saveit HERE.

"Refocus" is still heavy. The song opens with a hammering computerized beat and riffs that chug with all the industrialized heft of an oil drill. Death growls stew in the air like flies, as if warning of what's to come. It's chaotic and overwhelming, almost too much to even bare. But after headbanging their way through another avalanche of a chorus, Autarkh break free. "The splendor of wholeness reinstated", Nienhuis sings, backed by radiant harmonies.

"The clean vocals in Refocus were one of the hardest parts for me to record", says Nienhuis. "But I'm really happy with how they turned out".

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