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  • Jason Hesley

Atmospheric post-metal/hardcore band CHALLENGER DEEP release new album!

Atmospheric post-metal/hardcore band CHALLENGER DEEP have returned with their first album since 2014, ‘THE PATH.’  This hugely powerful and highly emotional album is built upon the concept of sacrificing everything to eventually find peace in an unpeaceful world.  Each song on the album features its own story, art and unique structure—no two songs are alike.

After the release of their monumental second album, ‘IRREVERSIBLE,’ CHALLENGER DEEP did hundreds of shows across productive tours with bands like PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND, WIEDGEDOOD, DOWNFALL OF GAIA, and CELESTA.  After several years of silence, and the weight of the state of the world in recent years bearing upon them, the band has transformed their built up emotions into a musical tour-de force. 

‘THE PATH’ is a whirlwind of music that matches the chaotic emotions presented within the songs.  Aggressive metal riffs change into melancholic post-metal soundscapes to create songs that escalate every second. The listener won’t get a chance to relax but neither will they grow bored.  Instead, they will become fully immersed in the metallic fury.

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