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  • Jason Hesley

ASH OF ASHES to release 2ⁿᵈ Album "Traces" on May 13!

With the 2018 debut "Down The White Waters", singer, guitarist and composer Skaldir attracted attention across genres. The triumphant EPIC SKALDIC METAL of ASH OF ASHES could even book several media top rankings worldwide. The fact that the exceptional aesthete from Germany was so successful right from the start with his successor band to HEL, founded in 2014, was primarily due to the captivatingly artistic musicality of this unique album. The necessary time, which the talented maestro left himself for the now appearing successor, fully benefits every single piece on "Traces" without exception. Everything should be as accomplished as equally natural and organic - as the wonderfully picturesque artwork of the talented Norwegian Christopher Rakkestad clearly shows. A feast for tasteful eyes.

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