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  • Jason Hesley


Arrealhue is a “MAL CRISTIANO” long time meditated project. As its mastermind, he tried to mix metal music with deep and dark visual concepts and the ancient tradition of his country. The band begins to be real in 2016 with the recruitment of "EL JUTRE" – fretless bass – and "EL RUFIÁN" – drums. The same year they started the recording sessions of their 1o EP “THE FIRST CALL”, with 4 songs, and the recording of their first official videoclip for the song “POST LUX TENEBRAS”, between 2016 y 2018. In 2019, the band started the recording of their first LP, titled “POST LUX TENEBRAS” with some changes in their lineup: EL JUTRE II takes bass guitar and EL RUFIAN II takes drums. Besides, EL CORSO arrives as lead guitar EL MAYORAL as rhythm guitar for live performance. Due to the pandemic, the recording of this LP continues through 2020 and 2021. Mix and master process end this 2022, year in which the band want to release this album.

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