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  • Jason Hesley

Armored Dawn Surprises with New Single, “Brand New Way”!

Brazilian band ARMORED DAWN released their newest single "Brand New Way", the title track for their forthcoming fourth album, which will be released in the second half of 2023. Different from the heavy theme of the last singles, “S.O.S.” and “Tides”, “Brand New Way” brings a more optimistic view of life, of how we shouldn't let ourselves be overwhelmed by defeats or by those who want to bring us down, as there is always a new beginning and a new path to follow.

As with the previous singles, "Brand New Way" was mixed by CHRIS LORD ALGE (MUSE, GREEN DAY, NICKELBACK) and mastered by TED JENSEN (BRING ME THE HORIZON, EVANESCENCE, METALLICA), and again shows a great evolution in the band's sound. The music brings the characteristic identity that marks ARMORED DAWN's sound, expands horizons and surprises those who still don't know the band's music.

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