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  • Jason Hesley

Aries Field release 'Valkyrie'(Lyric Video)

Aries Field is an Italian one-man band that specializes in producing Hard Rock and Alternative Metal music. The project was started in 2013 by three musicians, Fabio Stroppa, Francesco Barnab, and Davide Valentini, who were all inspired by different types of music. Although the band eventually split up due to personal and logistical reasons, Fabio Stroppa continued the project as the main writer, musician, and producer. In 2016, Alessio Rispoli joined the project and played guitar solos for the second and third records. Aries Field's music is a unique combination of old-school hard rock and alternative metal, featuring heavy songs and dark ballads that always focus on the melody. We are excited to introduce Aries Field and their incredible music to the world!

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