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  • Jason Hesley

APPARITION Announce Debut LP “Feel”

California death metal band APPARITION follow their “Granular Transformation” 7” with their megalithic debut LP “Feel” set for release on Oct 22nd.

Towering progressive doomy death metal with hammering colossal crawling grooves, refined escalating riffs and lurching, thick, and bludgeoning calculated chord progressions. But “Feel” goes even more beyond such a crushing abstract as it explores APPARITION’s auditory design where this deep expression of pure death possesses idiosyncratic uncanny musical affectations with engaging ambience and intrigue. One that tethers into the realms of strangeness and the anomalous; an album more influenced by drummer/vocalist Andrew and guitarist Miles’ past jazz studies and unique influences outside the old school death metal paradigm.

Produced by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording studio who has become responsible in giving “Feel” one of the most colossal sounding death metal productions of the year, “Feel” also features cover artwork by Abomination Hammer and additional art by Rotten Realm.

“Feel” track listing:

  1. Unequilibrium

  2. Drowning In The Stream Of Consciousness

  3. Nonlocality

  4. Perpetually Altered

  5. Entanglement

  6. Feel

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