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  • Jason Hesley

APE VERMIN Release Intergalactic Sludge Single “Awakened” Off Upcoming Album “Andromedas Colossus” and Tour Dates!

Ape Vermin, the formidable 3-piece act hailing from the depths of Valdese, North Carolina, USA, is gearing up to conquer the cosmos with their latest sci-fi-infused album “Andromedas Colossus” on May 17, 2024, with a US tour to follow the release. Your journey into otherworldly realms begins with their new single “Awakened”, which guitarist/vocalist Brett Lee comments on:

“My personal favorite. We’re back, and we’re making up for lost time. Hell has come back to life. The Colossus is awake, prepare for your imminent obliteration. “Ten thousand years, through portals of time. Awaken this hell, Your world will be mine. Destroyed to extinction by hellish invention, made up for lost time, Hell has come back to life.”

In “Awakened”, sludge metal meets thrash in fine form. Double bass so crushing it could cause another world war. Guitar leads reminiscent of Dimebag Darrell and Kerry King in their prime and enough low-end to destroy planets.

Since its inception in 2017, Ape Vermin has pledged to push the limits of its craft, blending colossal riffs with amplifier worship and masterful percussion. “Andromedas Colossus”, promises to be a tour de force, featuring ten tracks of unique and exciting metal. Building upon the foundation laid by their acclaimed releases - the 2021 “Arctic Noise” EP and the 2018 “Sonic Monolith” LP; “Andromedas Colossus” sees Ape Vermin usher in a new chapter of their intergalactic saga; it is recommended for fans of High on Fire, Crowbar, and Mastodon.

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