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  • Jason Hesley

ANTUMBRA to release “Oblivion” compilation CD!

Sibiu, Romania based Atmospheric Black Metal one-man-band ANTUMBRA announce the imminent release of "Oblivion" compilation CD, in collaboration with Loud Rage Music.

"Oblivion" will feature 9 songs from previous releases remixed and remastered, plus an exclusive bonus track, and is set to be released this Autumn. Here is what Marius Ignatescu (all instruments / vocals) had to say about it: "This material conveys the idea of the irreversible passage of time, memories, death and life, all wrapped in a dark and atmospheric essence. This compilation implies a journey through the depths of existence, exploring the transient nature of life and the haunting echoes of the past. It captures the essence of black metal while evoking a sense of mystery and introspection."

Check out "Malevolent" an extract from "Oblivion" here:

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