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  • Jason Hesley

ANGUERE drop the Official Teaser for "Truculence"

ANGUERE Thrash Hardcore together with Refúgio Cultural and Estúdio Katharsis, we officially partnered in the Official Teaser of the track "TRCULÊNCIA"!

Our teaser is available on the Katharsis Cultural Refuge and Studio channel for all who accompany us and those who also want to know our work!

The band ANGUERE has been getting stronger since 2008 with partnerships and bringing a mix of Brazilian music with heavy metal strands!

These are times of reflection that we live in, Truculência, it is about police violence, and other VIOLENCES that surround us all the time!

I CAN NOT BREATH! Words of SUPPLICATIONS eternalized by police violence!

I WAS ON THE WORK, I'M COMING HOME! Explanations given not to be abused by the police, not to be killed or forged for some crime!

Difficult times call for more protests and mobilization!

Capitation work of Estúdio Grama Records (Enzo Petrucci)

Mastering and Mixing Cultural Refuge and Katharsis Studio (Gordfo Darco)

Video: Filming and Editing - Bruno Nicoletti (Cultural Refuge and Studio Katharsis)

Technical Assistant and Camera 2 - Lourenço Favari

Plateau - Vani Gomes

Filmed at Centro Cultural Roberto Palmari with support from the Rio Claro-SP Culture Department

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