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  • Jason Hesley

ANGEROT To Release Blood-Filled Vinyl Edition of "The Splendid Iniquity – Sanguine Edition"

All musicians say they pour their blood into their work. ANGEROT takes that phrase literally. The U.S. Swede-Death worshipers are reissuing their 2018 album The Splendid Iniquity on special edition vinyl, filled with the band’s blood. The Splendid Iniquity – Sanguine Edition is a limited-edition, liquid-filled vinyl injected with the blood of ANGEROT vocalist C.R. Petit. The band comments on the release: “2022 marks the five-year anniversary of ANGEROT, and the fourth anniversary of the release of our first album, 'The Splendid Iniquity.' We have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into what we do, and felt it necessary to commemorate our five-year marker with something very special, and very unique. One of the most unique, if not the ultimate in rarity is liquid-filled vinyl. Bringing the hand-crafted splendor that holds fluid in suspension inside the record itself. To make this as metal as humanly possible, a portion of C.R Petit's blood was injected into suspension into each of these splendors of vinyl.” A promo video for The Splendid Iniquity – Sanguine Edition, showing the entire vein-to-vinyl process, can be seen at The Splendid Iniquity – Sanguine Edition is limited to only 15 copies. The album comes in a black “body bag” packaging with a “toe-tag” label and Certificate of Authenticity. The Splendid Iniquity – Sanguine Edition will start shipping out on or around March 4. Pre-order now at

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