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  • Jason Hesley

Andracca Unveils "Oceans of Fire"

Introducing "Oceans of Fire," the first compelling offering from Andracca's highly anticipated album, "To Bare the Weight of Death." This remarkable album is set to be released by Vendetta Records and delves deep into the realms of grief, culminating in a profound reconciliation with Death itself.

Listen to "Oceans of Fire" on YouTube:

As a central track from the album, "Oceans of Fire" symbolizes the culmination of a descent into despair and the initiation of a transformative journey. It signifies an unapologetic embrace of life with a profound understanding of one's mortality.

Andracca forsakes comfort in pursuit of fulfilling their truest desires and aspirations.

The accompanying visuals for "Oceans of Fire" are a captivating blend of live performance footage from a Glasgow concert in August 2023, captured by GoldMoldRecords. Additionally, the video incorporates scenic shots from shores that have provided solace during moments of grief, beautifully filmed by Blackfire Productions. The video production itself is credited to Blackfire Productions, ensuring a visually stunning experience to complement the music.

Andracca is an enigmatic force in the music industry, pushing the boundaries of creativity and emotion. Their music resonates with the depths of human experience, offering a transformative journey for listeners.

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