• Jason Hesley

ANCESTTRAL and CHAOSFEAR come together in a thrilling tribute to Queensrÿche!

If on the one hand the #covid19 pandemic brought irreparable harm to everyone in the arts sector, on the other hand it has offered many opportunities for artists to develop in other mass-directed aspects. Two of these aspects are paramount: 'technological' (live streams across different platforms), creative (collabs) and social (the merge of the first two).

Then, the renowned brazilian musicians from Sao Paulo Thrash Metal bands Ancesttral and Chaosfear decided to team up with Critical Mass’s vocalist Altair de Souza to, even though virtually, pay homage to the great American band from Seattle, Queensrÿche.

The heavy and fasts music of their bands had to give way to the class and subtlety that "Out Of Mind" needas, making it as faithful and exciting as possible.

Composed by ex-guitarist and founding member of QueensrÿcheChris DeGarmo and released on the 1994 album "Promised Land", it was not a much explored track by the American band at the time, but it is still adored by their hardcore fans today.

I must remind you that Marco Nunes (acoustic guitar/producer) was part of the band Critical Mass, currently on hiatus, for some years in the early 90s, but friendship is still up to this day and, to further enhance this tribute, Eleanor Marie, dancer and Marco Nunes’ daughter, who is only 5 years old, takes part doing what she knows best in her "Freestyle", something between Russian Ballet and BabyMetal.

The heavyweight monsters that participated in this collab are:

Altair de Souza - Vocals (Critical Mass) (@altair.souza.756)

Marco Nunes - Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals (Chaosfear) (@marconunestoristudios)

Leonardo Brito - Guitar (Ancesttral) (@leonardo_lebrt)

Renato Canonico - Bass (Ancesttral) (@renatocanonico)

Fabio Moyses - Drums (Chaosfear/The Anger/Coiso/Peste Assombra) (@moyses_fabio)

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