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  • Jason Hesley

AmongRuins' third album "Land Of The Black Sun," releasing on July 14, 2023.

Get ready for a sonic onslaught, as Greek melodic death metallers AmongRuins are set to deliver their much-anticipated third album "Land Of The Black Sun," due to hit the scene on July 14, 2023. This melodic death metal masterpiece, laden with brutally beautiful tracks, is being unleashed by the mighty Theogonia Records. Brace yourself as the eight-track album tears you apart, track by track, starting with "Tear Me Apart" and leading you to the depths of the "Land Of The Black Sun."

For those who crave the harmonious collision of brutality and melody, this is an album that promises a satisfying feast. The band's carefully crafted, heavy-hitting soundscapes, contrasted with fierce vocals and melodic guitars, have found a home within their new release. Fans of Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, Before The Dawn, Wolfheart, Mors Principium Est, Be'lakor, In Flames, Hypocrisy, and Amon Amarth, will find echoes of their beloved bands in AmongRuins' sound.

The album boasts of production and arrangement by AmongRuins themselves, which is bound to ensure their signature style remains undiluted. With all guitar solos composed and performed by Alex Flouros, and guest vocals by George Prokopiou on the title track, there is an undeniable element of authenticity and creative freedom to the album.

This is not just another album. This is a musical journey. It is a call to explore the band's potent mixture of aggression and melody, to dive into the depths of human psyche they offer through their music. Each track, a testament to the band's talent, leads the way further into the land they have crafted, the "Land Of The Black Sun."

Be among the first to embark on this journey, to witness the power and passion of AmongRuins as they make their mark on the world of Melodic Death Metal.

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