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  • Jason Hesley


Our latest collaboration is with AMIENSUS, the US Progressive Black Metal band, whose previous album 2020’s ‘Abreaction’ met with a tremendous amount of critical and fan adoration.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the group on their next efforts, and that all begins with the release of “Reverie” the first taste of new music appearing on next year’s spring album release. “Reverie” can be heard on all streaming/download platforms, or take in the visuals of its corresponding video HERE, as premiered yesterday via a Decibel magazine exclusive. 

"’Reverie’ was one of the first tracks written immediately following the release of our third LP, ‘Abreaction.’ Following in the footsteps of track 2 on that album, ‘Divinity,’ we composed the joyous and celebratory companion song ‘Reverie’ as a way to thank our friends and followers for over a decade of support,” explains vocalist/guitarist James Benson. “Lyrically exploring the love of nature, the story concerns following your dreams and obtaining confidence. Of course, we included a longtime friend, and musician, Eric Wing of Morke.”

James Benson may sound like a familiar name to fans of the label as James also fronts Midwest post-black metal operatives CHROME WAVES, and hence the personal introduction needed to cement future work with AMIENSUS. In addition to James, AMIENSUS includes GHOST BATH drummer Chris Piette plus guitarists Alec Rozsa, Kelsey Roe and bassist Todd Farnham.

As you’ll hear on “Reverie” AMIENSUS continue their unique and progressive take on traditional black metal by incorporating epic and emotional elements that had Two Angry Guys exclaiming AMIENSUS as “masterful black metal” while Metal-Temple describes the band’s music as “harsh, angry tones combine with pretty, ambient moods… it’s depressing music but in a beautiful way.”

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