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  • Jason Hesley

American new wave of true heavy metal band VIPERWITCH release "She Wolves of the Wasteland" / "Tooth and Nail" singles!

Founded by guitar and lyric writings of a mad woman in 2014 by Danica "Lynx the Huntress" Minor, formed fully in 2017, Viperwitch spent their short year and a half with the first line up as a newly assembled team finding quite a lot of success. With Lynx as their leader, bringing forth all her prior music and knowledge of symphonic composition, jazz\metal guitar and fantasy literature writing, and the mix of two desert born thrash warriors, Viperwitch quickly found its place amongst their NWOTHM brethren. With help of the melodic and speedy rhythm section they lead forward on their journey with stars in their eyes.

The first line-up had the honor of opening for heavy metal heroes and up and coming bands: Dokken, Lita Ford, Flotsam & Jetsam, Bewitcher, Seax, Warbringer and Enforcer. In 2019 Viperwitch were chosen and became National Finalist (3 of 4 rounds) for the Wacken USA Battle of the Bands. From their incredibly honored and grateful success in Phoenix, Arizona at Joe's Grotto twice to their final battle on sacred ground in Los Angeles, California's Sunset Strip at the Viper Room. With the short but memorable first line up, Viperwitch carried on as the others bittersweetly departed back home to the desert with families ecstatic with their return and success in the short time they had.

With an all new and even heavier hitting lineup, blessed by two of their past heroes, the new pack banded tightly together to help continue the hard work and hopeful success.

With that same hard work and diligence, Zeus and Jacob spent their focused time helping Lynx hone her new skill of producing. She had attended music school in college but never had the opportunity to fully learn and or step into the studio as an engineer. These two heroes along with the support and guidance of their second lead guitarist Evan Knight brought out something magical and crafted a team so tight and solid, diamonds could not cut it.

Once again to no one's surprise they blew the world-wide metal community’s expectations out of the water. On Samhain Eve of 2020 that release was given back into the world which finally found its place in the metal world.

As lands across the world were ravaged and torn by poverty, death and disease the pack stuck tightly together and mastered an even bigger plan that would possibly take years to complete. They wanted to produce their first ever full-length heavy metal record together from the depths of their own den. They knew from their own experiences that great things come with patience, time, integrity and pressure, therefore it would be worthwhile had they succeeded in this difficult task. With this even more divinely blessed and kindred-spirited line up, together the second generationally talented bassist and producer Jason Pinero "aka Zeus", their fearless valkyrie leader, writer and axe-slinging frontman Danica "Lynx the Huntress" Minor and their steadfast and thunderous drummer Jacob Coeleen set out on their two-year long Journey. With the team now together for the longest time, Viperwitch has seen to date and Samhain approaching 3 years later, their quest has been complete. They have climbed incredibly high mountains, navigated treacherous oceans and deadly pitch-black shadowy swamps to continue their journey in keeping Traditional Heavy Metal alive. With a lot of love and respect for one another, they came up victorious and now continue their never-ending bloody hunt for The Viperwitch.

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