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AMAUROT: Gothic death-doom act shares “Des Wanderers Leid” single!

Sweden and German-based gothic/death-doom metal group Amaurot has revealed “Des Wanderers Leid,” the second preview track from their forthcoming debut full-length, …To Tread the Ancient Waters. The album features guest appearances from Rogga Johansson (Massacre, Paganizer), Sabine Meusel (Xiphea), Sean Vukovic (Forsaken), and Marcus Rosenkvist (Void Moon).

Speaking of the track “Des Wanderers Leid,” Amaurot informs:

“Developing and moving forward is a long process for most people. The search for one’s own identity and goal in life is often not easy. ‘Des Wanderers Leid’ (Engl.: ‘The Wanderer’s Sorrow’) is about this process and the feeling of arriving after a long time. Everyone finds themselves in a different place at the end of the process. The final outcome is as individual as the person.”

Access “Des Wanderers Leid” on your preferred digital/streaming media AT THIS LOCATION.

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