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Along the Lines Release Music Videos For “Sanguine”

Along the Lines is a metalcore band out of Thunder Bay, ON, Canada that is gearing up to release their debut EP “Our Dear Finale”. The seven-track EP has 24 minutes of songs that hit hard, lyrics that pop, and a dramatic story that is based on a story from one of their good friend's experiences with domestic abuse. They already have two singles out: “Sanguine”, which is powerful, catchy, and substantial, it completely turns the story around. “Mute” approaches the common feeling of wanting to tell someone a secret but not feeling like they can be trusted, accompanied by heavy breakdowns and a bridge that pulls it all together. The band comments on the EP:

“We are absolutely stoked to finally release something we have been holding back this whole pandemic. We started in 2019 and have been working hard and keeping it under wraps for far too long! We wanted this EP to be presented to fans to listen and not just hear the music, but also become part of the whole story that is unfolding with each song from front to back.”

Along the Lines formed pre-pandemic with hopes to hit the scene as soon as possible. The band was initially the project of guitarist Tanner Bell, who had reached out to long-time friends and former bandmates of a previous project; Austin Baxter, Greg Vahaaho, and Brady Geurts (Drummer, bassist, and guitarist respectively). After some searching, the group later connected with another long-time friend, Jonathan Reid, to fulfill the role of vocalist. Unfortunately, the band’s plan to hit the scene as fast as possible came to a halt as the COVID-19 pandemic forced bar closures (among many other things) only days before their debut show. The band instead got to work on more writing and also recording their debut EP. They say that the evolution between the previous band’s sound and what’s coming up on “Our Dear Finale” is an incredible departure.

They are just getting started with this debut, they are currently writing their LP, which promises to be more heavy breakdowns and catchy rhythms. Emotionally, the music and lyrics bounce off each other to give a storytelling effect. Influenced mainly by metal, metalcore little bit of post-hardcore too, they are recommended listening for fans of Ice Nine Kills, Famous Last Words, and Beartooth. The EP comes out on October 8, 2022 and will be available on, Apple Music, Spotify.

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