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  • Jason Hesley

Allegaeon debut new video “Vermin”

ALLEGAEON are bringing the filth with “Vermin,” the third video from their new album, DAMNUM, out today on Metal Blade Records. Tomorrow the band hits Brooklyn, NY as the first date of the Origin North American Tour kicks off supporting Finnish metalers OMNIUM GATHERUM.

Like any good mystery, “Vermin” peels back the layers of a compelling and dramatic story as explained by vocalist Riley McShane. “ALLEGAEON has been fortunate enough to have an incredibly supportive back end from day one. However, we have had some personal encounters with extremely predatory and ill-natured figures in this industry and ‘Vermin’ is dedicated to them. This song has a few lyrical easter eggs so have fun dissecting them and seeing what you can take out of it for yourself.

ALLEGAEON put out two other videos ahead of the album’s release, “Into Embers,” and the demonic “Of Beasts And Worms,” and have built themselves a unique place in the musical landscape, forcing both technicality and melody to the forefront as they create tumultuous and riveting death metal. With DAMNUM, their sixth full-length, they push everything further into the extreme, and in the process deliver the definitive ALLEGAEON album.

DAMNUM is out now in the following formats, and available everywhere digital music is sold:

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