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  • Jason Hesley

After 6 years Polish band CHIMERA is back with new studio album.

After six years, the Warsaw band Chimera returns with new material. They play black metal with elements of heavy metal. "Gloria Mortis" is the newest, second in the discography album of the group leaded by Rafał "Charon" Mazur. The new album will consist of 12 tracks sung in both Polish and English, enriched with three interludes with melodeclamation. Vocal parts for the new release were recorded by Grzegorz "Dante" Ptak, but in January there was a change and his place was taken by Krzysztof Gałecki from the band StygmatH, who will also be a rhythm guitarist. Music for new album was recorded in few places: drums with cooperation of Filip Hałucha at Heinrich House Studio (Obscure Sphinx, Behemoth, Deus Mortem)

guitars by Witek Nowak at Devil's Tail Production (Kira, Hellhaim)

vocals at Fire Studio in Warsaw.

Mix & mastering was done by Krzysztof Małagowski and Daniel Witczak from Aurora Studio, who cooperated in the past with LaNinia, In Hell's Duty and Materia. Cover artwork by band drummer - Andrzej Ruszkowski. Date of release is scheduled on 20 February 2022 and pre-order will be available soon at Bandcamp Band commentary: “Gloria Mortis is an album about a journey towards death ... or maybe a new life? Listen and check.

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