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  • Jason Hesley

After 24 years CEMETERY OF SCREAM is back with new studio album!

Cemetery Of Scream is one of the leading pioneers of atmospheric doom metal in Poland. Formed in 1992, this band has so far recorded eight studio releases and played plenty of big and small concerts, all of which have always received favourable responses from audiences and music critics alike – both in Poland and abroad. 


Cemetery of Scream in their works deal with issues such as the apocalypse, depression, melancholy or sadness. Their latest album "Oceans" was released November 3, 2023 by Sleaszy Rider Records and its concept musically combines the best elements of gothic and doom metal together. CD you can buy at Bandcamp and webstore as well as directly from the band.


Music was recorded at FPGS Studio in Cracow except drums which was recorded at Studio 67 in Cracow by Dominik Burzym (Mord'a'Stigmata, Horrorscope). All was engineered by Piotr Łabuzek. Mix and mastering was done by Jarosław Baran (Darzamat, Delight, Paradise Lost, Virgin Snatch). Cover artwork by DIA & Michał Zakrzewski.

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