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AEOLIAN Share New Song - "The Miracle"

Melodic death metallers AEOLIAN are now streaming "The Miracle," the new single off the band's forthcoming new album, Echoes of the Future.

Check out the lyric video for "The Miracle" at

Stream the song at

Listen to the album's first single "Hominis Obscura" here.

Echoes of the Future closes a trilogy that began with The Silent Witness, which explored the greatness and resilience of nature and the danger to which we submit its fragile balance, and the band's second release The Negationist, developed in a present-day in which we refuse to see how the human being has affected and threatened that balance.

On Echoes of the Future AEOLIAN embarks on a journey through the next centuries and puts us in the shoes of our counterparts from a not-so-distant future who will guide us on a journey through the difficulties and great dilemmas of humanity to survive on an increasingly inhospitable planet.

Echoes of the Future was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound studio.

Black Lion Records will release Echoes of the Future on November 10. Pre-order the album at


1 – Hominis Obscura

2 – Dreams or Reality

3 – The Miracle

4 – Her Grief

5 – Like a Blackened Sun

6 – Into the Flames

7 – Lords of Greed

8 – Echoes of the Future

9 – Chronicles of the Fall

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