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  • Jason Hesley

Abysmal Rites are set to debut their new full-length album, "Nihilism Is Realism"

Emerging from the sub-zero landscapes of Finland, heavy/sludge band Abysmal Rites are set to redefine the genre's boundaries with their debut full-length album, "Nihilism Is Realism". Offering an insightful peek behind the band's curtain, we caught up with the members to discuss their forthcoming release, the creative process, and their hopes for how fans will connect with their music.

"We didn't want to get too fussy or too polished with the songs," the band members admit as they reflect on their creative process. The unpretentious and gritty musicality that forms the backbone of the band's signature sound was crafted over a six-month period, leading to a collection of songs that exude an "authentic and human feel".

What sets Abysmal Rites apart is their unique formation. In lieu of traditional guitar-based compositions, they navigate their musical journey with only bass and drums as the instruments of choice. "The relationship of each instrument to the other becomes more important because there are fewer elements to play with," they explain. Despite the challenge this presents, they found the process "surprisingly painless" and believe this raw and stripped-down structure gives the album a diverse mix of heavy and relaxed sounds.

An undercurrent of brutal realism runs through "Nihilism Is Realism", a theme that ties closely with the band's world view. "The album and its tone are strongly driven by a certain brutal and animalistic way of being and living here," the band members express. This unfiltered perspective into humanity's darkest depths doesn't shy away from challenging the listener, addressing our insatiable desires and the costs we're willing to pay for them.

"Nihilism Is Realism" forms an important milestone in the band's nascent career as their first full-length album. It's a "very good and our kind of opening," the band shares. Looking towards the future, they eagerly anticipate the possibility of a follow-up once this album has made its mark.

When asked about how they hope fans will resonate with their debut release, the band emphasises their unique and personal touch. "We believe that in the long run when the right potential listeners find this band, the fact that we have our own personal and unique thing going on is important," they affirm. Abysmal Rites aims to offer a fresh musical perspective that doesn't neatly slot into any particular category, combining DIY ideology and old-school attitude served up with their unique outlook.

An alluring paradox of the familiar and the unexpected, the band is confident that "Nihilism Is Realism" will resonate with both metal and punk fans alike, promising a sound that "definitely works best live". This blend of brutal realism and audacious musicality positions Abysmal Rites as a distinctive voice in the heavy/sludge scene, ready to shake the foundations of your sonic expectations.

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