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  • Jason Hesley

ABSTRACTED Unveil New Music Video for “Introspection – Ego Death”

The Brazilian progressive death metal act ABSTRACTED – whose sound blends blistering technicality with melodic and atmospheric moments -- have unveiled a new music video for their song “Introspection - Ego Death” from their latest album, Atma Conflux. The new video can be viewed HERE

With a production process spanning six months, the band's team unfolded their passion and dedication to create a truly impactful visual and musical experience. The music video is a visual masterpiece that complements ABSTRACTED's powerful soundtrack perfectly. Intensely emotional and artistically conceived scenes guide viewers through the experiences of the central character, conveying a range of emotions from anguish to hope. This music video is in actuality a 13-minute short film. ABSTRACTED demonstrates their undeniable ability to unite musical and visual elements to tell a deep and engaging story, setting the stage for the epic journey that is ‘Atma Conflux.’

‘"Introspection - Ego Death" is an invitation to explore the depths of the human psyche and accompany a character's struggle to find redemption and meaning amidst adversity. This video marks an exciting first step towards a musical experience that promises to challenge and touch the souls of listeners.”

The album ‘Atma Conflux’ delves deep into Buddhist and Tibetan religious traditions. The album creates a dense and mysterious universe in which a central character faces the crucial decision between life and death. The benevolent and malevolent "tulpas" deities play a crucial role in this dilemma, providing an intense and intriguing narrative that unfolds throughout the tracks. "Introspection - Ego Death" serves as a visceral introduction to the entire experience contained in the album. This music video not only introduces viewers to ABSTRACTED's musical universe but also offers a glimpse into the emotional complexities and profound themes that permeate the entire album. The central character of the video is portrayed captivatingly, immediately establishing a connection with the audience. His journey is a rollercoaster of emotions, revealing an intricate plot that addresses crucial questions of life, choices, and consequences. The video's plot explores the devastating impact of wrong choices, especially regarding involvement with dangerous substances. The central character, deeply immersed in the world of drugs, ends up losing control over his life and decisions. The narrative reaches a crucial moment when a devastating fire consumes everything he knew and loved. The name "Ego Death" is not just a mere expression, but rather a symbolic representation of the character's internal journey. Through the ashes of the fire, emerges an opportunity for profound transformation and self-discovery, marking the beginning of a journey that permeates the entire album.

Preparations for the music video began with the meticulous creation of the setting, inside an actual Masonic temple, which would serve as the backdrop for the emotional narrative of "Introspection - Ego Death.” Entire days were dedicated to constructing an environment that captured the essence of the plot, with meticulous attention to details that ABSTRACTED deemed essential to convey the depth of the story. The musical recording represented a crucial stage in the production process. The band poured their hearts and souls into performing the track from 9 AM until 11 PM, repeating the song numerous times. The commitment was evident, as drummer Fernando Pollon remained tireless, accompanying each musician during their individual takes. This collective effort resulted in a cohesive and powerful performance, infusing the music with a sense of unity.

To bring the characters of the narrative to life, an entire day was devoted to the artistic recording of the actors. Every expression, movement, and interaction were carefully choreographed to convey authentic emotions and capture the essence of the unfolding story. The day was extremely cold, and the actors filmed almost semi-nude. The commitment of both the musicians and the actors was a testament to the team's dedication to achieving an impressive visual representation. With the filming completed, the editing phase of the music video began. ABSTRACTED's team embarked on a meticulous process of selection, cutting, and enhancing the recorded scenes. Each sequence was carefully assembled to create a cohesive and engaging narrative, enriching the visual experience with impressive visual effects and a smooth narrative flow.

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