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  • Jason Hesley

A Hill To Die Upon unveil their first new album in six years - The Black Nativity is out Nov 24th!

Six years have passed since A Hill To Die Upon graced us with the compelling and dynamic Via Artis Via Mortis…but now the wait is over and the three have returned, bearing with them the sumptuous gifts of a brand new album, The Black Nativity. Time has not stood still for A Hill To Die Upon and throughout the years of silence they have been working their magic and delving deeper into mystery, meaning that the songs they now lay before us are a truly enthralling, evocative and emotive collection. A new era is dawning for A Hill To Die Upon and they stand waiting, ready to take us all on a breathtaking journey of discovery…

Not even the powerful and characterful sounds of Via Artis Via Mortis can really prepare you for what The Black Nativity has to offer. Adorned in Yuletide magic it explores new realms of sound, displaying beguiling depths and contemplative introspection alongside raw, imperious force and composed majesty. The addition of a stellar array of guests has brought fresh blends of alien sorceries to the exotic concoction that is The Black Nativity; Karl Sanders (Nile), Ole Borud (Extol), Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice) and Sakis Tolis all whispering cantrips and incantations into the swirling cauldron of secrets. The results are staggering, with the superb ‘Hymn To Marduk II’, ‘VENIVENIEMMANVEL’ and ‘Left Handed Wizard (My Eyes Look West)’ surely ranking amongst the finest songs ever written by A Hill To Die Upon. No one who hears The Black Nativity will remain untouched by its unique aura and haunting enchantment.

November 24th is the date decreed, when Rottweiler Records will send The Black Nativity out into the world with its irresistible outpouring of song, spell, poetry and revelation. Produced by the band in association with Jairus Pascale, who worked with Extol on their Of Light And Shade DVD set, the sonic structure of the album has been carefully sculpted to bring out every nuance in each song; every blaze of light, every twilight shadow. When you receive A Hill To Die Upon’s invitation to join them at The Black Nativity, then accept with open arms and immerse yourself in a world of wonders. The lyric video for first single 'Left Handed Wizard (My Eyes Look West)' is available to view now:

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