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  • Jason Hesley

3rd WAR COLLAPSE: Brazilian/Finnish death metallers premiere "Fomites" single!

Brazilian/Finnish death metal unit 3rd WAR COLLAPSE have unleashed a new single off of their upcoming new album. No Clean Singing is now premiering "Fomites" HERE. The band's sophomore album, "Catastrophic Epicenter", is out on August 24th, 2023 via Lethal Scissor Records. Toilet Ov Hell premiered the album's title track at THIS LOCATION. "Catastrophic Epicenter" tracklist:

01 - Catastrophic Epicenter 02 - Legion Of The Infested 03 - Coffin Shortage 04 - Terror Diffusion 05 - Fomites 06 - Asphyxiating Tyranny 07 - Lacerate The Rival 08 - Heresy Behind The Lies 09 - Killing Each Other 10 - The Last Hecatomb

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