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  • Jason Hesley

30th anniversary reissue release of Debauchery's Cranial Indulgence.

Cranial Indulgence is more than a simple re-issue, it’s the unearthing and revitalization of a classic piece of death metal history that up until now had been seemingly lost to us all. Sadly, you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you actually experience it and anyone lucky enough to listen to this album will quickly come to this realisation. This is death metal from a time when there were no rules and no formulas for what makes an album heavy or brutal and few pioneering bands to draw inspiration from. As such bands like Debauchery were able to make completely unhinged extreme metal that stands on its own merits and sounds unlike anything else out there. The sheer level of raw aggression on display through John and Andy’s dual vocal assault alone makes the album worth listening to. Crazed raw shrieks, madly barked mid-range vocals and powerful gutturals hit the listener from every side. When you pair this with top tier old school death metal instrumentation and classic filthy production it makes for a winning combination. Thick chunky bass work, mid-tempo drums and complex, furious riffage await the listener. Most importantly, while the album has been remastered it still sounds as if it came straight out of the early 90s, maintaining its raw, DIY sound. Cranial Indulgence is a must listen for any fans of OSDM, it’s a lost gem that is finally available to a modern audience and this opportunity should not be missed.

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